How to Care for Your Wooden Flute?

Ah, the Native American style flute - a magnificent instrument with the power to carry your spirit on the wings of its melodies. Keeping this treasure in pristine condition honors its craftsmanship and ensures that its music remains a clear channel for emotional and spiritual expression.

Let's journey together through the art of caring for your wooden flute.

Basic Recommendations for Playing:

  1. Play in Moderation: Limit playing on one flute to 15-30 minutes to avoid moisture accumulation and wetting out. New Flute: Limit your playtime to a few minutes initially to allow the wood to acclimate. Gradually increase playtime.
  2. Flute Sharing: Limit who can play your flute - it's a deeply personal instrument. Understand that when you share your flute, you share more than just the instrument - your energy and potentially the germs. Choose wisely.
  3. Handle with Care: Please do not drink or eat when playing the flute. Do not walk while playing your flute unless you are in an open space. Always hold your flute near the mouthpiece or center, keeping its delicate ends away from people and objects.
  4. Let it Dry: Give your flute time after playing to dry out naturally, and store it in a breathable bag to protect it from the elements.
  5. Avoid Extreme Conditions: Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Never leave your flute in extreme heat or cold or inside a car on a hot day. You may think that leaving your flute to dry in the path of wind or direct sunlight will speed up the process, but that's actually a no-go. It's made of wood, a living material that breathes and changes.
  6. Wetting Out: If you are playing your flute for a while and notice that the sound isn't as clear as it once was or stopped completely - this is due to moisture buildup from your breath. To remedy this, flip the flute over and partially cover the sound hole close to the block with your finger. Blow forcefully into the flute, and the moisture should spray from under the block. Alternatively, remove the block to let the flute dry naturally. It's important to avoid prolonged humidity that can cause cracks over time. It's recommended that you take a break from playing the flute once it's blocked with moisture and use a different one from your collection. With time, you'll le

Carrying and Storing Your Flute

  1. Flute Bag: Invest in a protective cloth flute bag. It's like giving your flute its own sanctuary. Cloth bags are your flute's best friend - they're made from breathable fabric, allowing the moisture to evaporate and shield against dust and residual moisture. The leather or plastic bags can't breathe, trapping moisture inside and leading to possible damage over time.
  2. Traveling With Your Flute: If you're embarking on a journey and wish to take your flute with you, wrap your flute using plenty of padding. You can even use a hard case only for the travel duration.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Interior Cleaning:
    • Use a soft, lint-free cloth attached to a cleaning rod.
    • Gently swab the inside to remove moisture and debris.
    • Use a cotton swab to remove any residue inside the finger holes
  2. Mouthpiece and Block:
    • Remove and clean with a damp cloth
    • Use antiseptic wipes occasionally if needed
  3. Regular Oiling:
    • Use natural oils like linseed, almond, hazelnut or walnut.
    • Apply lightly to the exterior and interior once every few months.
    • Apply oil when the flute is dry. Allow the oil to be fully absorbed.
  4. Check for Cracks:
    • Inspect your flute regularly for any signs of wear or cracks.
    • Minor cracks can often be repaired if caught early.

Pro Tips 💫

  • Intuition First: Always let your intuition guide you in these practices. Your flute is not just wood and holes; it's an extension of you.
  • Frequency Matters: Just like you wouldn’t neglect your own body, don’t neglect your flute. The more often you maintain it, the happier it stays.
  • Sacred Ritual: Turn maintenance into a sacred ritual. This enhances your connection with the instrument, making each performance a more profound experience.

Imagine the melodious notes filling the air, bringing peace to your heart and soul. 🎶 Let your flute be a gateway to a higher frequency of being.

Namaste 🙏. Keep playing, keep healing.

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