How to Tighten a Natural Skin Drum?

Oh, your beautiful hand drum with genuine skin... but why is it loose, you wonder? Don't worry! As a natural skin drum, it requires some time to settle and for you to experience its full tonal beauty. Here are some tips on caring for your new drum:

1. Give it time to adjust: Since the drum was delivered recently, it's natural for it to be out of tune due to changes in climate during shipping. As a natural skin drum, it will adjust over time and change its tone as it acclimates to its new home. It's typical for the skin to loosen slightly due to the natural response to temperature and humidity changes.

2. Play it often: As you play the drum more, the skin will naturally “wake up” and tighten, creating the warm and powerful sound it’s known for. The quality of the sound will typically evolve and improve over time as the skin gets accustomed to the vibrations.

3. Embrace its natural qualities: The beauty of having a drum with natural skin is that it lives and breathes with you, adding a depth of sound and connection with the instrument that synthetic materials simply can’t replicate. So, enjoy the unique, rich tones and natural materials that made you choose this drum in the first place.

4. Store it properly: When not in use, store your drum in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity, as they can damage the natural skin.

5. Clean it gently: To clean your drum, simply wipe it down with a dry or lightly dampened cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or excessive water.

6. Count on its quality: Our natural skin drums have a solid track record and are considered a great investment in the sound healing community. In fact, they are treasured at every home and used in ceremonies worldwide. With some time and understanding, it will serve you well.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your new instrument with natural skin will continue producing beautiful, powerful sounds for years to come. Enjoy its authentic character and embrace the magical journey!

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