Why Chakra and Planetary frequencies have different notes?

From the musical theory point of view, there is a standard assumption that specific notes relate to specific Chakras, such as:

Note C / Root Chakra - grounding and stability

Note D / Sacral Chakra - abundance and creativity

Note E / Solar Plexus - power and manifestation

Note F / Heart Chakra - love and healing

Note G / Throat Chakra - expression and communication

Note A / Third Eye - intuition and awareness

Note B / Crown Chakra - enlightenment and spirituality

As for the Planetary frequencies, those were calculated by Hans Cousto and are aligned with planets and cosmic events. Hans Cousto is a Swiss mathematician, musicologist, and the author of the book: "Cosmic Octave". He discovered the natural formula that links different kinds of periodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather, colors, rhythms, and tones.

194.18 Hz, Synodic Day / Root Chakra - Grounding

210.42 Hz, Synodic Moon / Sacral Chakra - Creativity

126.22 Hz, Sun / Solar Plexus Chakra - Empowerment

136.10 Hz, Earth / Heart Chakra - Love

141.27 Hz, Mercury / Throat Chakra - Expression

221.23 Hz, Venus / Third Eye Chakra - Intuition

172.06 Hz, Platonic Year / Crown Chakra - Spirituality

For example, the Root Chakra resonates at 194.18 Hz, aligns with Earth's day-night cycle, and is vital for mental clarity and sleep quality. According to Hans Cousto, this specific frequency aids in grounding and harmonizing with our natural environment. Based on its benefits rather than the musical note, it's more aligned with the Root Chakra than any other frequency from the planetary set.

Here is more information about Hans' approach and Chakras based on the Tuning Fork Set that has the same frequencies as the Planetary Singing Bowls: 7 Chakra Planetary Set Explained

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